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THE WALT DISNEY CLASSICS COLLECTION is the only collection of fine animation sculptures created using the time-honored principles of Disney film animation.  As a result, each sculpture captures all the emotion and majic of the unforgettable characters and settings created by Disney.

To earn their place in the Collection, sculptures are designed and reviewed by animators, sculptors and painters at the Disney Studios in Burbank, California.  Countless materials, including charachter model sheets, storyboards, layout drawings and original film cels are referenced during the creation of each sculpture.  Many sculptures are "plussed" with metal, crystal or blown glass to further enhance the Disney "illusion of life."   And each sculpture carries a signature backstamp with the production year mark (see below) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity imprinted with the signatures of Disney Archivist Dave Smith and the Walt Disney Classics Collection Creative Director Dave Pacheco.

The Collection is supported by the Walt Disney Collector's Society, the first membership society eastablished by Disney.  The Society offers an annual Membership Gift Sculptrue and yearly Members-Only sculptures.

 1992  Steamboat Wheel  Steamboat Willie - 1928
 1993  Treble Clef  Silly Symphonies - 1929 / 1939
 1994  Dancing Flower  Flowers and Trees - 1932
 1995  Practical Pig's Trowel  The Three Little Pigs - 1933
 1996  Donald Duck's Hat  Wise Little Hen - 1934
 1997  Music Stand  The Band Concerts - 1935
 1998  Pickax  Snoiw White and the Seven Dwarfs - 1937
 1999  Sorcerer's Hat  Fantasia - 1940
 2000  Feather  Dumbo - 1941
 2001  Butterfly  Bambi - 1942
 2002  Sombrero  Saludos Amigos - 1943
 2003  Golden Harp  Fun and Fancy Free - 1947
 2004  Bumble Bee  Melody Time - 1948
 2005  Slipper  Cinderella - 1950
 2006  Teacup  Alice in Wonderland - 1951
 2007  Captain Hook's Hook  Peter Pan - 1953
 2008  Aurora's Crown  Sleeping Beauty - 9159
 2009  Paw Print  101 Dalmations - 1961
 2010  Sword and Anvil  Sword and the Stone - 1963
 2011  Umbrella  Mary Poppins - 1964

Complete Sculpture Listing and Value Guide Coming Soon!  In the meantime, please feel free to send us your questions and/or requests to info@wdccstore.com  THANK YOU!

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